Grand Waikikian (Partial ocean view) How was it?

The room I stayed at this time was the room #2208 at Grand Waikikian. The room category is a partial ocean view, and I would expect to see a part of the ocean from the room.  But I can not see the sea from the room. When I go out to the balcony and look at the lefthand side, I can see the sea far away between the buildings. I do not feel good when I go out to the balcony. I would not go out and having a lunch or coffee on the balcony.

Even if it is a partial, if you give the title Ocean View you can increase your accommodation fee, so it is too much interpretation. Is it allowed in advertisement regulations of the travel industry?

Would not the advertising rules for real estate sales apply to sales of time share resorts? This standard is strange. There is seawater in the marina seen from the room. I wonder if it is an ocean view.

I stay here because the room of my own time share is partial ocean view. But in fact We do not look at the outside of the window, so I should book the garden view room and increase the number of staying days.

I like the interior taste of the room, but I moved from Hokulani this time and make a comparison again, the layout of the room of Hokulani is better because the bathtub and restroom are packed around. It is also a nice point for Hokulani to be able to close the door of the restroom. The storage capacity of the closet is also larger for Hokulani.

However, as for the kitchen, Grand Waikikian is outstanding. It is convenient to use because it can be faced across a counter with a U-shape. Even if you invited your friends, there is enough space and it is arranged functionally . The refrigerator and dishwasher are also large enough.

Also the most convenient thing is that the washing machine / dryer is in the room. Driving sounds are not a problem if you close the bedroom door even in the middle of the night. In the case of Hokulani, the washing machine is located in the common area, so you have to go out the room for washing. Moreover, it became stressful as it was often that other people were in use.

The occupied area of the Grand Waikikian is larger than the Hokurani but it is not a big difference. Both has convenience stores are on the first floor, so it is convenient. However, with regard to mineral water, there is a water server on the first floor of the Grand Waikikian, so using it saves a lot. In Hokurani I bought two gallon bottles everyday so it was over $10 a day.

In our case, my wife, a beginner surfer, wants to surf on Waikiki Beach, so I feel that Hokurani which can walk to there is better. In the future, if my wife becomes a good surfer and wants to surf on the reef point, we expect to stay at Grand Waikikian.