Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto (Travel by LCC & Rent a car)⑰

It is the first visit to Nijo castle since the elementary school trip. In this trip I definitely wanted to visit.

When setting a car navigation route, the route from “Hatagoya” Hotel to Kyoto is a straight route using highway. Once going out to the general road, it is the way that I went back yesterday. This car navigation system has no screen function such as indicating the traffic jam in red. I can not trust because I do not know whether it decide the optimum route after taking the latest traffic jam information into consideration.

When I search the route with Googlemap for testing, it recommend the same route, so I decided to follow the car navigation system.

I did refueling on the way, but I arrived to Nijo castle in about an hour and a half. As I previewed yesterday, I put a car in the “Times” parking lot in the front door of East Ohtemon gate. On this day, there is a security guard in front of the parking lot and asked “Do you visit Nijo Castle?” In order to alleviate the congestion of the parking lot, They would like to avoid putting other customers.

When I parked the car, an elderly foreign couple came out just next to the car. The wife walks to the moat edge and looks into the moat. Then a Japanese woman who seemed to be a tour guide appeared and began to explain to her.

The husband also joined, and three of them started walking towards East Ohtemon gate. It seems to go around with sightseeing guide exclusively. I don’t want to join the travel agency group tours, but if you hire an exclusive guide, that trip will be meaningful. However, I imagined that it would be an expensive charge scince I hire a person one day.

However, when I examined it later, there was a plan of five hours 20,970 yen by the driver guided by the taxi of the sightseeing taxi in Kyoto with a taxi of the normal car size. It is not as much as I thought.

People accustomed to travel made me learn how to do this kind of way. Although I do not feel the need for domestic travel at the moment, when traveling abroad, I will try to arrange guides as an option.

The weather is nice on this day and when you walk outside it feels like a burning heat. Since I want to get inside the room as soon as possible, I purchase an admission ticket and immediately enter the castle. Since it seems that there is no rest room on the way, I finished going to the rest room on the right hand side first. There are a lot of tourists but not enough people to make a line. Although the total number of people is a considerable number, people will be dispersed and not crowded because the site is large.

Looking back at Ninomaru Goten, you can see the Southeast Corner Tower. Speaking of the pictures of Nijo Castle, I think of a picture of this tower is famous. I took a picture from the inside, but I do not think it is a good photo. However, this is precious because it is not a rebuilt but a thing of the time is left and it is designated as an important cultural asset。

Shooting is forbidden inside the Ninomaru Goten. I took off my shoes at the entrance and put my smartphone in my pocket and made my mind to see the scenery well. The Ninomaru Goten is designated as a national treasure, and it is only this building in Nijo castle that you can see inside.

The corridor is wide. The ceiling is high. The technique of constructing a building with this sense of scale in wooden architecture is wonderful. It is a castle that was made at the time, and it is a building that can not be done usually by private construction.

The floor is a solid floorboard. Because the board and the board rub against each other and sound heard, it is said “Uguisu-bari”. However, it seems that this is not intended to make the sound sound intentionally. People walk a lot, so the fricative sounds are ringing inside the building.

The size of the hall and the power of mural are amazing. The intention of “Taisei-hokan” was announced at this place. It’s a historic place. It is a really big wooden building. I went around the building for viewing. It is regrettable that the castle towers etc were destroyed.

After leaving the Ninomaru Goten, I will go around the garden afterwards, but it is quite difficult to walk in the hot weather because it is very large. When I came to the castle tower, the foundation remains, but I feit it is smaller than I thought.

Here is the space where only the king is, and it is imagined that the event was held at Ninomaru Goten etc. Just rising on the foundation of “Ishigaki” rocks can even look over the city of Kyoto, so I think the view from the top of the castle tower would have been wonderful.

After that, we visited the garden inside the castle in a clockwise direction and went back to East Ohtemon Gate, but I got hungry at noon. I thought it would be good if I could have lunch because there is a tea ceremony house called “Wakura-an” in “Seiryuen” park, but unfortunately, because it is only like sweetness such as Matcha, Zenzai, coffee set, I passed.