Todaiji Temple (Travel by LCC & Rent a car)⑥

Traffic jams are occurring by a lot of sightseeing buses when entering Nara city and reaching near Todaiji. When I went ahead according to the Nissan equipped car navigation, I was guided to a narrow back road somehow. While I got anxious, I went as I was told, but after all it was a parking lot for the staff of Todaiji. Ofcourse you can not park your car. It is in trouble even if it is told that he will end guidance in such a place.

I lost time. When I went to Todaiji by myself, I found a restaurant mall called “Yumekaze-Hiroba” in front of Todaiji Temple and its has a parking lot. If you use more than 2,000 yen there, parking fee will be free for 2 hours. It was the closest to Todaiji temple and it was very convenient when you entered.

There is a direct walking line connecting from “Yumekaze-Hiroba” to Temple via a parking lot for sightseeing buses. Many tourists such as school trip students are overflowing in front of the gate. Although Horyu-ji Temple visited yesterday was a big difference though it was vacant at the same time zone. Students and foreign tourists are enjoyed feeding snucks to deers, so a large number of deers gather. People who like animals kissed and cheeked to deers.

There are plenty of deer feces at your feet. When walking while looking down, suddenly a deer appears in front of you and it seems to strike. The smell of feces is drifting all over the area, and occasionally a strong malodor attacks you. As you go through the gate, the number of people and the number of deer will be slightly reduced, but you still need to be careful with the feces at your feet.

When I bought a ticket and entered the inside area, it was finally released from the deer. I have visited Todaiji many times in the past, this time it is my first visit in ten years.

Because the impression of the Buddha statue is strong, there are not much memory left when we visited before, and there are many new discoveries in this visit. I was planning to go through the hole in the pillar, but I canceled it because it was a group of students and a long line was formed. Recently, everyone takes pictures for Instagram, so there is a queue waiting in line there.

As I left the Great Buddha Tower and headed for Nigatsudo Hall and Sangatsudo Hall, the area seemed to be quieter, so I took a walk and climbed a gentle slope. Since there are deer feces on this road as well, we must always pay attention to our feet. As you climb up to the main hall of Nigatsudo Hall, you will be above the height of the roof of the Buddha statue and you can watch the city of Nara. I am so enthralled by the scenery that I forget to sutra. We only look from the outside from Sangatsudo Hall, and observe the Hokkedoyoko storehouse ahead. I was satisfied with this walk and decided to return to the car.

I came back to “Yumekaze Hiroba”, but I still do not get hungry, so I decided to shop at Mont Bell. If you purchase more than 2,000 yen you get free coins for 2 hours in the parking lot, but just as good T-shirts are available from 2,000 yen. I feel very profitable as it is something like paying parking fee that turns into a T – shirt.

After 5 o’clock, the temple is closed, so there is no place to enter, but at this time it is still bright, so we decided to drive around a few temples. The immediate next door to “Todaiji Temple” is “Kasuga Taisha Shrine”. There are lots of greenery on a large site. “Kofukuji Temple” is also nearby. “Yakushiji Temple” is situated in a residential area which went down a little southwest from the center of the town.
“Toshodaiji Temple” is just around the corner. I would like to visit again here.

It was a good time to spend some time on the drive, so I headed to “Ohtoya” which is a Japanese restraunt. I made a call and confirmed whether there was a parking lot. This “Ohtoya” is a roadside shop. There is only one “Ohtoya” in Nara city.

The inside of the store was not crowded due to the night of weekday, but there were families with children with bad discipline, and children were annoyed and annoyed and it was troubled. If the environment is bad, you will not be able to taste the meal. Parents should keep their children quiet in a public place.

After eating at “Ohtoya”, when searching for the nearest supermarket on the way back from there, it seems that “Ohkuwa” is about 3 minutes away so I headed straight away. It seems like there are several chain shops in Nara City. It is great that it is open 24 hours a day. Because the scale is not large, it is not abundant as an assortment.

fter that I found a large “Aeon mall” on my way to the highway interchange. Although it did not come out when I searched for the supermarket on the net, it seems that it was the cause that searched by the conditions in Nara city. This aeon mall is located in Yamatokoriyama city. I will shop here from the next. It takes about 30 minutes from Nara city to Hatagoya using highway. It will be 10 o’clock when I get hotel. The next day I will head to “Koyasan” so I can not sleep long. I took a bath in a hurry, I did the laundry and dried and went to bed with haste.