Kongobuji Temple at Koyasan (Travel by LCC & Rent a car)⑨

I moved the car from the Ichinohashi parking lot and stopped at the parking lot of Kongobuji Temple. This day is the eve of the Aoba Festival on June 14th. Kobo Daishi’s birthday June 15th is “Koyasan Aoba Festival” and on the 14th we have the eve festival in the evening. Colorful “Nebuta” walks inside Koyasan town.

We came here this day without knowing about the festival at all, but luckily it was free for an admission fee of 1500 yen for Kongobuji Temple. Moreover, on the 15th, because it is a festival, it will be impossible to get in the car in Koyasan town. So if we came one day later, We would have suffered from serious trouble.We were very lucky about that as well. I can only think that this was also the guidance of Kobo Daishi.

In Kongobuji Temple, after sending a sutra, drop in at the payment place and deposit the Goshuincho book and get a number tag. We would receive the book which got stumped a red seal in exchange for a numbered tag on the way back. We felt good to take off our shoes and walk on the wooden floor in the temple.

On this day, as part of the Aoba Festival’s event, exhibitions of Ikebana and calligraphy were held. Both beautiful works were lined up. In addition, “Banryu garden” in the temple is also beautiful, there is a different strength from the rock garden of Ryoanji temple in Kyoto. Granite representing the dragon and Shirakawa sand representing the clouds are drawing with a rough touch. The dragon in the clouds protects the main hall of this temple.

In fact the most impressive thing in the temple is the kitchen. In other temples I have never seen such a place. Usually it would be in a separate building. It is said that it is active here even during the Edo era, making meals of monks, also during events and cooking, and even now it is actually being used. Imagine that the cooked rice with a huge oven will be delicious. I would like to have a meal once made here. It must be tasty.
Received the Goshuincho Book, passed through the main gate after leaving the main hall, there was a sphere made by “Koya Miki” aside. It resembles a character of a residential information’s “suumo”, so I took pictures because it’s cute.

It’s around 5 o’clock so Danjo Garan temple is going to be closed. But I visited there and checked Konpontaito tower and Kondo from the outside. Konpontaito tower is a new vermillion big tower. Strong lighting for light up aims at the big tower from the garden. I imagine that the big tower illuminated in the evening is powerful and dignified.

About 30 French people who came together at Kongobuji Temple were walking towards somewhere. Looking at the destination of the first person, he goes into the small diameter from the temple to the north side. I guess that he will stay at the “Shukubo” temple lodging. French people are active in performing cultural experiences. I think that I have to try staying in the temple lodging .

Some temples in popular pilgrimage destinations like Koyasan, offer temple lodgings to visiting pilgrims and tourists. It offers an excellent chance to get a taste of the simple, traditional lifestyle of Buddhist monks.